Machikadokura Daitoku まちかど蔵大徳 土浦市観光協会

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jul 31

    Edo Period shophouse visitors center

    Tsuchiura City's old quarter which served as a post town in the Edo Period preserves four shophouses and kura storehouses just a short walk from Kijo Castle Park. Daitoku is the city's visitor information center, with a small exhibition of antiques and historical displays, a souvenir and local products shop, and preserved living quarters above. The center also provides rental bicycles. The second floor is particularly charming, with a large wooden floored exhibition space, and tatami drawing rooms behind, which overlook the garden. Seasonal displays of flowers, festival decorations (such as Hina Matsuri dolls) are set off by the luxurious interior with intricate wood carvings in the transoms.



1 Chome-3-16 Central, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki 300-0043