Todoroki Valley

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  • TonetoEdo

    on May 29

    One of the last wild places in central Tokyo

    I took a long, circuitous route to get from Tokyo Station to Todoroki Valley one afternoon. What was startling to me was the contrast between dense neighborhoods with busy thoroughfares and the quiet and deep wild ravine within the city limits. There are paths, benches to take a rest, the Fudo Temple, an ancient tumulus, and the highlight for me, the Fudo Waterfall which was once a place for acetic practice. The air is refreshing and coo there from the waterfall making it a good place to escape summer heat.

  • BlueButterfly

    on Mar 21

    Todoroki Valley

    The valley was formed when the Yazawa River, the southern point of the Musashino Highlands, was eroded. With a length of 1 km it is the only valley you can find in Tokyo. Due to its beautiful nature, the cool air, even in summer and the small sights along the way, the valley is especially popular for a walk. In addition to various small and large bridges, there are also some statues and the Fudosan Temple at the end of the valley. Above all, the many small playful paths along the water invite you to discover them. Below the Fudosan Temple is a small waterfall where people have been coming for centuries to train their mental strength by standing under it for hours. According to a legend, the name Todoroki comes from the sound that the water of the waterfall makes when arrives the ground. There is also a small Japanese garden in the Valley, which has a stone and bamboo garden, which was my favorite part. There was even a small tea house where you can take a break.



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