Institute for nature study

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  • genkidesu

    on Apr 27

    The definition of an urban oasis

    Sometimes Tokyo can feel like it never ends, but there are definitely pockets of greenery in the city. The Institute for Nature Study is a true oasis in the urban desert (so to speak!), and there are numerous fascinating areas to explore including botanical gardens, forest areas, ponds, and more. For birdlife lovers, there are plenty of birdwatching opportunities too. It is worth noting that the institute does have closure days each month (they tend to be rather random), so I would recommend checking the official website before your intended visit to make sure. Getting there is easy - it's less than 10 minutes on foot from Meguro Station. Admission is 320 yen for adults, high school students and under are free!

  • BlueButterfly

    on Sep 23

    Institute for nature study

    The hustle and bustle of Tokyo can be sometimes very tiring. Sometimes everybody need a little break to come down and relax a little bit. The Institute for nature study is the perfect place to get in touch with tons of nature. You will feel like beeing in a small jungle with all the palm trees and small ponds full of little insects. The park is really huge and you will find many beautiful flowers, small butterflies and tons of diffrent birds. For kids it is like a small adventure park, but I wouldn´t recommend it for small babies or if you are using a stroller, since there are many uphills and stepstairs. The entrance of the institute also has a small room, where you can learn about the nature and animals of the park .



5 Chome-21-5 Shirokanedai