Amabiki Kannon Temple

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Aug 12

    Mountain temple with spectacular views and gardens

    This temple takes a bit of effort to get to. The train line that used to run north-south was closed and remodeled as Rin Rin Cycling Road. I usually hike from Iwase Station from the north, or cycle up from Tsuchiura Station in the south. You can easily drive there, too. The 1500 year old temple is called Amabiki, which means "rain pulling". Kannon is implored for rains to nurture the rice paddies and gardens in the district. The image of Kannon is a hidden Buddha who is revealed once a year in April when the cherry trees there are spectacular. Rainy season hydrangeas there are also worth seeing. This is an active Shingon temple with regular services every day. The landscaped hillside is home to tame birds including free range ducks and pea fowl.



1 Motogi, Sakuragawa, Ibaraki 309-1231

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