Aizu Samurai Residence 会津武家屋敷

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jan 5

    Samurai life museum

    The Samurai Museum is easily accessible on the city’s loop bus, and it makes for a good half day experience for families that are curious about samurai culture and lifestyle. The house is a reconstruction of the home of an Aizu clan retainer who lost the house when the Imperial Army swept into the city 150 years ago. The life of Tanomo Saigo and his family are depicted with wax figures in scenes of both daily life and tragic ends. The house is furnished with many splendid antiques such as tansu, desks, weapons and armor. Besides the vast house, there is a garden, tea house, restaurant, and gallery shop. The admission is a bit more expensive than most museums, but if you take your time to research the history before you go, it’s well worth it. A workshop provides experiences making local crafts for a separate fee.