Sazaedo Temple

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Jun 10

    Sazaedo Temple

    The Sazaedo Temple was one of my must go places for a long time. The temple area is on a mountain with hundreds of stairs. Alternatively, you can also use an escalator for going up the mountain. The whole temple area offers several interesting buildings, but the most interesting is the three-story wooden pagoda. The hexagonal building was build in 1796 and is around 16.5 meters high. The building looks very unusual from the outside, but you will be very surprised how it looks from the inside. A spiral, ramp-like staircase leads all the way up and goes back down on the other side. There are no rooms or floors, just small bays in the middle of the pagoda. Since you can only walk in one direction, you don't even run into others. Inside you can also discover 33 Buddhist statues that are laid out on several altars. Much more impressive, however, are all the stickers of pilgrims everywhere on the walls and ceilings. To visit the pagoda from the inside you have to pay 400 yen entry and get a bookmark for it at the same time.



Takizawa-155 Itsukimachi Oaza Yahata