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  • JapanRamen

    on Mar 27

    Easy to Get Food and Go

    I visited Ikea Shibuya only to get their super cheap veggie dogs. And the amazing thing is that their restaurant or food corner is right by the entrance on the 1F, so you can walk in, get the food, and get out really easily. The frozen food and other food are near by, which you can grab and pay at the same cashier as you do for the food as well, so it is a very very convenient place for cheap food. So this review is seeing this Ikea as a food spot and not so much as a shop, and it is great in that respect.

  • Nice

    on Mar 25

    Vegetarian hotdogs!

    I’ve been to 3 out 11 IKEA stores in Japan , if I’m not mistaken how many there are in Japan. But they just recently opened 2 stores that are more accessible without really driving a car; IKEA Harajuku and IKEA SHIBUYA. So the latest craze is IKEA Shibuya! And I dropped by not because of the household stuff but actually for food. They are also known for their affordable set meals mostly sandwiches or wraps. So, I gave it a try and bought their vegetarian hotdog set with a drink and chip for 220 yen. It’s quite hard to beat the price, isn’t it? but the taste was fair. I’m not really big on vegetarian food.



〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Udagawacho, 24−1 高木ビルディング

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