Enzoji Temple

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Jun 10

    Enzoji Temple

    The Enzoji Temple is located on a mountain slope and is especially known for its large balcony from which you have a wonderful view. However first of you have to go up many many steps to reach the main area of the temple. The temple is a Buddhist temple, which history dates back to 1200 years. The buildings are really very old, but still beautiful. Above all, the view from the large balcony of the Tadami River is really beautiful. Somehow I didn't have the feeling that I was still in Japan. You can also find one of Yanaizu most popular stars, the Akabeko, on the temple balcony. T The Yanaizu Akabeko family consists of four members, father Fukutaro, mother Mitsuko, son Mo-kun and daughter Ai-chan. You can find every member of the family as a statue anywhere in the city. The Akabeko is widely used as a talisman to ward off disasters and to pray to the gods. Of course, it's also a nice souvenir when visiting the area.



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