Rinkaku Tea House 麟閣

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jan 10

    Charming preserved tea house

    The tea house, presided over by the son of tea master Sen no Rikyu, was originally built within the walls of Tsuruga Castle. After the castle was pulled down in the Meiji Period, the tea house was preserved elsewhere. It was returned to the castle grounds 20 years ago. When I visited, just before a big snowfall, the garden’s trees and shrubs, and the walls of the tea house, were protected by yukizukuri, scaffolding, ropes and coverings to keep the weight of the snow from crushing the garden. The gardeners take great care and present a display that reflects the season, even in winter. The garden was decorated with locally made candles. Beautiful ikebana displays dotted the garden. Tea there is a nice treat. The tea ladies took time to chat with visitors. It’s a rustic kind of tea place, elegant but not too stuffy.



Fukushima Prefecture, Aizuwakamatsu, Otemachi, 1−1 鶴ケ城内