Nippori Fabric Town

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  • genkidesu

    on Jan 1

    Fun even if you're not a crafter

    I have several friends who are quite accomplished at sewing, and I've accompanied them on trips to Nippori Fabric Town before. I think even if you're not a real crafter, you can still find a lot of fun in exploring the area. There are so many beautiful fabrics available here, from traditional designs to modern, kawaii ones. If you are a crafter, well, you'll be in heaven.

  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 14

    Fabric Town Nippori - Dream for all who love handcraft

    The Fabric Town in Nippori is a long street with many small stores which are selling all kinds of handcraft materials. You can find a wide variety of fabrics, buttons, leather and many other stuff for your handcraftwork. Some stores also offering very reasonable prices like 100 Yen für 1 meter fabric. Especially the big store "Tomato" (you can find 3 of them there) offer a big 100 Yen selection. You can also find a big variety of typical old japanese fabrics or many very colorful "kawaii" fabrics.



東日暮里六郵便局 44-, 6 Chome-7-2

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Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

Sumptuous food, decor with dancing



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