Osaka Castle

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  • JapanRamen

    on Mar 13

    Very Full Exhibition

    While I enjoy castles, one issue I have is that many of them have turned into museums with tons of exhibitions going on all the time. If that is what you want, then this is a great castle to visit and worth the entry fee. The walk in the park is very nice too with a lot of open spaces. There were also some friendly volunteers dressed up in a power ranger costume to help us find the right directions. One thing is that it is difficult to get a really nice photo of this castle closes up, but an impressive castle nonetheless.

  • genkidesu

    on Feb 20

    Nice castle, but go in autumn

    I visited here a couple of years ago during late autumn/early winter, and I thought the castle itself was beautiful - I do wish I'd been there a little earlier in the season to have seen more of the colorful foliage, but the structure was still impressive. We didn't go inside, just walked around it - I personally felt like it was enough to just do that. I feel like this spot is a must when visiting Osaka, but I would say that it's probably nicer in the middle of autumn or during cherry blossom season than in winter!

  • CuriousEye

    on Feb 19

    A Beautiful Castle

    I went to Osaka Castle with my friend. It was a pretty long walk from the garden to the castle. But the views were great. Trees were nicely trimmed, and nature was refreshing to look at. There are many souvenir shops and some cafes to sit yourself down inside the castle. Definitely a good place to visit in Osaka.

  • Jojo2020

    on Nov 2

    My best spot for Hanami in Osaka!

    I love visiting Osaka castle and its park every spring, as I can enjoy observing this visually spectacular castle while viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms. During this time, the park is very lively and packed with people. One of my favorite memories, was walking from Sakuranomiya park to the castle. It was an enjoyable 30 minutes of strolling through the gardens, and passing by beautiful scenic paintings. Osaka Castle has both a museum and an observatory at the top floor. Nevertheless, I haven't visited them. I recommend allocating at least couple of hours for your visit. It is worth it!



1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 540-0002

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on Dec 31

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Worth visiting, but we didn't stay all that long



on Dec 31