Kutusurogijuku Chiyotaki 千代滝

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Shopping/Entertainment | Avg price: ¥10000 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • TonetoEdo

    on Jan 3

    An affordable and pleasant onsen hotel

    Chiyotaki in the Higashiyama onsen village just outside Aizu Wakamatsu City is an economical and pleasant place to stay wit good hospitality. The concierge greeted me at the genkan hall, and offered tea or a taste of local sake. The wide lobby is decorated in classic Japanese style with a large irori hearth, comfortable seating and the work of local craftspeople. The hotel has western and Japanese style rooms at a variety of price points, some with views of the river valley. The hotel boasts two baths, one on the second floor overlooking the river, the other on the 10th floor cradled by the mountains with a view of the city in the distance. Guests can walk to the sister hotel across the river to enjoy the baths there. The hotel provides yukata, hanten and zori that you can wear on your way to and from the baths. Stays include breakfast buffet with a wide selection of local specialties and continental breakfast choices. For a separate price, guests can order kaiseki ryori dinner which is extravagant. Just outside the hotel are a few casual restaurants that serve local food and sake for reasonable prices.



Terayashiki-43 Higashiyamamachi Oaza Yumoto, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture