Mori Town

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  • genkidesu

    on Apr 26

    Super conveniently located mall

    Mori Town in Akishima is a real gem for shopping and dining, in part because of how easy it is to get to. There's plentiful parking if you opt to drive, but there is also super convenient train access - it's connected to the Akishima Station. There are a range of retail stores, with plenty of options for clothes, shoes, toys, and more. There's also a branch of Eye City and Jins (convenient to pick up glasses/contact lenses), eateries (both independent and chain options), and more.

  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jun 24

    Mori Town - A place for eating, shopping and more

    Mori Town is located right next to Akishima Station in the Western part of Tokyo. It has a quite big area and you can find many differnt shops there. This includes the famous Itoyokado with different sections, but also brands such as a Disney Store, ABC Shoes, claire's, Kiddyland, Kumazawa Bookstore, ToysRus and and and. Next to shopping you also can eat at a lot of different restaurants and cafés. Mori Town has the comman chains such as Starbucks, Mister Donut, Mos Burger, Saizeriya, Sukiya, and so on, but also restaurants for pasta, shabu shabu, sushi, tonkatsu and more. However, that's still not all. To the Mori Town complexe also belongs a cinema, Maneki Neko Karaoke, a game center, kids area, AEON Eikaiwa and other service places. If you live close buy or are in the area anyway it is a nice possible to have some fun, go shopping or take a break with yummy food. I especially liked the architecture there and the colorful flower decorations. Japanese website: http://www.moritown.com



東京都昭島市田中町562-1 モリタウン

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