Aizuwakamatsu Castle (Tsurugajo)

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Sep 21

    Fun Tourist Castle with Lots of English!

    If you love history but aren't completely fluent in Japanese, no worries! Come to Tsurugajo, also known as Tsusuga castle, crane castle, Aizuwakamatsu Castle in Aizuwakamatsu city, Fukushima prefecture. The view from the top is great, but the trip up is wonderful. Each level home to subtitled videos on the subject of the castle as well as many visual displays explaining the path of the castle through history. Who lived here and when? Who did they fight and why? All of these answers and more are explained in detail in the displays, many of which cannot be photographed but all of which feature decent English translations. I recommend coming with people who want to take a minute to read about the castle and enjoy the museum exhibits inside. There is a loop bus from Aizuwakamatsu station that brings you right to the castle grounds. The area around the castle grounds is also home to a small old-fashioned marketplace, selling mostly souvenir goodies you can also find in the gift shop of the castle for the same price. Around one side of the castle grounds, you'll find an old-fashioned tea house surrounded by natural elements that speak to an experience so purely Japanese that it cannot easily be duplicated.



〒965-0873 福島県会津若松市追手町1−1