Mar 26, 2021

Does anyone have experiences with law suits?

Does anyone have any advice for sueing somebody? Do you think foreigners will be treated equally? Any past experiences would help! Alpha Stock Images - http://alphastockimages.com/



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3 Answers

  • genkidesu

    on Mar 26

    I've not heard of anyone suing anyone here in Japan. I don't know that it's as common of a thing as other places in the world like the US, but it may simply be that I don't know anyone who has! If you feel comfortable doing so, are you able to provide insight into the circumstance surrounding the potential litigation? It might help people give advice who have been in similar situations.

  • Kobakko

    on Mar 26

    @genkidesu Sure! If I don't die from a heart attack during the whole process...

  • genkidesu

    on Mar 26

    @Kobakko oh dear - sounds like it's probably a stressful situation! Please don't feel like you need to go into detail on this public forum. Hopefully one of the members here will be able to offer some general insight if they or someone they know has been through it. Sending you good vibes! :)


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Physical therapist/physiotherapist experiences in Japan?

My boyfriend has a herniated disk and has been really struggling with the pain and emotional stress. The regular doctor just sent him home with some pain medication, but it's not really doing it. Have you had any experiences with PT's or physiotherapists in Japan? Was it a good experience? Any recommendations for this condition?


on May 3

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Raincoat recommendations?

I feel like rainy season will be here before we all know it, and was wondering if you have any favorite brands for raincoats. I need a couple for my kids (they've outgrown ones that relatives sent us when they were younger) and to be honest I probably should actually get one for myself, too. Sometimes just an umbrella doesn't cut it! Let me know if you have any favorites!


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Sleep remedies

Does anyone know of any good sleep aids or remedies that are easy to find in Japan? Nothing heavy, just over-the-counter stuff, herbal teas, other drinks, that kind of thing.


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Current Immigration Policies?

Does anyone know the current rules for leaving and reentering the country if you have a work visa. Even when I try to search, I am not really clear on the rules.


on Apr 5