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  • JoshJoe

    on Jun 19

    Foreigner to the horse racing stadium

    As one of the foreign students of Japan, I got a chance to go watch the horse racing game in 大井競馬場( Ooi horse racing stadium in Shinagawa district.) In order to learn business and advertisement studying, it was quite honored for me to be offered this opportunity. Although it was quite surprising for me to connect horse racing and Japan these two concepts together, this activity somehow granted me another amazement of my life in Japan. The actual location of the stadium is pretty close to Haneda airport, which I would recommend tourists visit there at their first arrival. Just utilize the luggage deposit service in the airport, and then jump on the sky rail, the well-connected transportation will bring you straight to that place. You will be able to start your trip with an exciting experience. Honestly, horse racing was never a thing in my life, since I’m not really a big fan of watching sports. The reason for that is mainly due to the idea of watching a game, it just feels so apart for me because you can’t really participate in what’s going on. I feel bored with things which have no interaction with. Nevertheless, the horse racing flipped my stereotype. And it’s the gambling that drew my attention to the game. The audience area, they offered screen and booklet of horse status, which included English version. It showed me the scores and records of the rider, in order to let you pick your champion. At the moment I dig into the data, they successfully got my attention. Because with the data, I was able to think about which horse could win. With the records, we had the clue to judge if the riders are good enough for the next round. With the information, we the audience could not just simply guess but predicted the result of the uncertain future. I had a good interaction with that activity with my own theory of champion horse. Though I gain just a bit of interest from gambling, the experience of watching horse racing was not boring at all. As a human, one of our greatest interest is to explore, for our instincts of facing uncertainty. When we look at the past and predicting the future, the feeling of hope will fill up our head. Even we know the chance of losing might be bigger than winning, but it's not going to stop us hoping the better result. So join us as the TCK (Tokyo City Keiba,) you will experience an exciting activity as you explore Japan world.



2 Chome-1-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 140-0012

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