Teddy Bear Shop Mayfair

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  • hellonihon

    on Mar 25

    Teddy bears and more

    Not quite aptly named, the Teddy Bear Shop Mayfair at Moeginomura is more than just somewhere to find adorable teddy bear plushes. The shop predominantly sells cute and unique crafting supplies. From vintage scissors to quality thread, whatever crafting need you may have. It's a shame that it's located so far away, tucked away in the little village of Moeginomura. However, the natural backdrop seems suited for this shop. It's not somewhere where you can find mass-produced, generic goods. Everything is curated. That isn't to say that there are no teddy bears here either. They have a lot for purchase, both handmade ones, and mass-produced ones. They have ones that are keychain sized, as well as large, more cuddleable ones. The artisian ones are more detailed and their price tag reflects it. No matter what you choose, they're all worth it!



〒407-0301 山梨県北杜市高根町清里3545萌木の村 ブルーベルヒル内2階