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  • tifuani

    on Apr 5

    Pepper Lunch

    When I first walked into the food court of this Aeon mall, my mind was set on having a sushi donburi for lunch, however, immediately after entering, a wonderful sizzling, peppery, steak smell brought me to Pepper Lunch. The smell itself just lures you in. This Pepper Lunch chain is located on the 3rd floor food court of Aeon Mall Kofu Showa. They are known for their Beef Pepper Rice served on a piping hot stone plate. The meat comes out partially cooked, allowing you to mix and continue cooking it on the stone plate yourself. There are also two types of packet sauces (sweet or spicy) to mix into your beef AFTER it is done cooking. This is definitely one of my favorite "fast food" joints. It is a simple meal, but somehow simple meals are great. Maybe it's the corn? Maybe it's the pepper? Maybe it's the sound of the sizzling hot steak cooking? Whatever it is, many people line up for this meal at the food court. One simple, but great thing that gets me coming back is that every time they give a free soft drink coupon. This coupon is good for either iced coffee, iced tea, oolong tea, orange juice, cola, or even miso soup! What a great way to bring customers back.



〒409-3852 Yamanashi, Nakakoma-gun, Showa, Itsukui, 1505-1 イオンモール甲府昭和 3Fフードコート

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