Hidakya 日高屋

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Aug 5

    Omiya’s version of tantanmen

    Why am I reviewing a cheap ramen chain shop? It’s got a regional specialty this year. Since April this year, Hidakaya has had a regional dish, Omiya tantanmen, on the menu. Usually, tantanmen is a slightly tangy, spicy ramen variety with stir fried ground pork, flavored with green onions and sesame. Omiya tanmen is just as a redder, sweeter version. The sharpness comes from shishito peppers, the tang from zacai pickles, and the broth is a mix of pork and chicken base with konbu dashi. And swirled into it are eggs. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected, and you can ask for an order of extra hot if you want. But it’s flavorful. As always, the Hidakaya noodles are the slightly thinner chuka soba style. It’s a good zippy bowl of ramen for the price.



〒344-0062 Saitama, Kasukabe, Kasukabehigashi, 3-chōme−20−15