Kariya Highway Oasis

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  • genkidesu

    on Feb 22

    One of the best rest stops out there

    If you've ever stopped at a highway rest area in Japan, you'll know that they are streets ahead of rest areas anywhere else in the world. Clean amenities, loads of omiyage to buy, friendly staff - it's not at all like sketchy rest stops in other parts of the world. Kariya Highway Oasis is next level though in both their amenities and the aura there. A ferris wheel at a rest area? Yup. Award winning toilets? Mmmhmm. Stores selling fresh fruit and veggies, and an array of other stuff? Naturally. This is more than just a rest area, it feels like a destination in itself rather than somewhere you'd just stop to stretch your legs on a long road trip. If you are in the area or road tripping through, you must visit the Kariya Highway Oasis. It's surprising how many times we've recommended this place to people - but they've all loved it!



Yoshino-55, 東境町 Kariya, Aichi Prefecture 448-0007

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