Polder Bagels

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Dec 17

    Bagels with a view

    Polder Bagels overlooking the Edo River at Noda Ohashi Bridge is a lovely place to have lunch and enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji on winter says when the air is crisp and clear, or at least the river when it’s not quite so perfect. The bagel shop is on the second floor of a concrete and glass asymmetrical house that rises to a third story via continuous ramps that spiral up. The best seat is on the second balcony above the riverside park. Their bagels, which are full and round, are chewy and come in many varieties. Today I got one each of gratin and dripping-with-cheese. You can eat in at the tiny gallery cafe or the spacious decks overlooking the Edo River. The cafe serves a lunch set with bagel, drink and sides. I recommend Polder for brunch or late lunch. Their takeout bagels make great breakfast or lunch sandwiches.



2 Chome-25-16 Tsutsumino, Noda, Chiba Prefecture