Metropolitan Government Building

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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 19

    A nice free alternative to the more well known Tokyo vantage points

    When you think of spots to get a view over Tokyo you're probably going to immediately think of Tokyo Tower or Skytree, but there's also a nice free alternative in Shinjuku that still gives you a fantastic vantage point over the city. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building may not be as all as its more well known counterparts (202m for TMGB compared to 333m for Tokyo Tower and 634m for Tokyo Skytree) but the fact that it's free makes it appealing to anyone who's traveling on a budget, or even as part of an inexpensive family day out if you're living here in Japan. After all, if you want to check out both observation decks at Skytree, that's gonna cost you 3,100 yen for one adult. TMGB is just as scenic, albeit not as high - but for the free admission price it's hard to look past.

  • Nice

    on Jul 18

    Check out Tokyo's Skyscrapers at Metropolitan Government Building.

    Traveling in Tokyo on a low budget? There's plenty to do that would not cost you a yen. And visiting Metropolitan Government Building is one of many free things that you could enjoy while you are in Japan. From 202 meters above, you will get a chance to see Tokyo in birds eye view. I highly recommend to check it out at night, you'll see how mesmerizing the city lights are. With two towers, you'll have option to check out in two different angles. What's more, It's a short walk from Shinjuku station!

  • BlueButterfly

    on Nov 3

    Metropolitan Government Building

    If you want to have a great view over Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is a good spot for that. The Building is just next to Tochomae Station on the Oedoline or a ten minutes walk from Shinjuku station. The building has two tower, where you can find on both an observation deck. Usually only one is open to the public. To visit the observation deck, which is 202 meter high is free and perfect for tourists. You will mostly have a 360 degree view over Tokyo. An exception is the area, where a small cafe is. On a very good day it is possible to see Mt. Fuji from the Metropolitan Government Building. There is also an official Tokyo Olympics 2020 store and a small version of the Hakuhinkan toy shop, where you can get typical Tokyo souveniers. The Metropolitan Government Building is the perfect spot, if you want to save some money and still want to have a view over Tokyo.



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