St. Mary's Cathedral

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  • LovingJapan

    on Jan 3

    A Grotto in Tokyo

    St. Mary's Cathedral Tokyo, also known as Sekiguchi Catholic Church, is located in Bunkyo Ku in Tokyo. I didn't list this review under services/support because all the masses and services at this church are in Japanese and therefore not much use to an English speaking community. This cathedral caught my attention for two reasons: Firstly, it was designed by internationally renowned architect Kenzo Tange; unlike any cathedral I have seen the main structure consists of eight almost vertical hyperbolic faces that converge to make the shape of a cross. The modernistic design and how the light reflects off the exterior and also, internally, how the light shimmers on the alter is quite beautiful. Secondly, and perhaps more personally, there is a grotto on the grounds of the church, which isn't unusual in itself but a grotto in Tokyo took me by surprise. The side door of the church is open and all are welcome to enter but please be respectful and remember that, for many, this is a place of worship. If you are looking for mass in the English language vs. beautiful architecture then please check either of these two websites: http://franciscanchapelcentertokyo.org/ http://www.stignatius.jp/en/



〒112-0014 Tokyo, Bunkyo Ku, Sekiguchi, 3−16−15

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