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  • genkidesu

    on Aug 18

    What does the fox say?

    If you’ve always wondered about the sound foxes make - or you’re just appreciative of these animals - a trip to Zao Fox Village is worth it if you’re in Miyagi. The village is home to around 100 foxes who roam in relative freedom for a wildlife facility. Once you pay your admission fee (1000 yen) you’re able to head into the premises. Initially there are some farm animals in pens (goats, bunnies, etc) and then behind another fenced off area is where you’ll find the foxes. A few things to note if you visit. Obviously don’t touch the foxes (that’s a freakin no brainer I hope) since they are of course wild animals. Secondly be careful with your attire. I was wearing sandals and a flowy kimono style shawl and was told by the lady at the admission desk to be careful because the foxes would likely chomp my toes or nip at my shawl if they were grouchy (not a great way to start). Thankfully the foxes are honestly pretty docile and only started to get rowdy when it was feeding time. No toes of mine were chomped so I’m counting it as a win. There’s also a gift shop on site as you exit with a bunch of fox inspired paraphernalia from phone cases to tote bags, plush toys and more. For the record, foxes make a screeching type noise!!



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