Kyosaimi Nomura

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1000 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • PDecs

    on Jan 21

    Obanzai, but without the tradional air

    The place is a lot cheaper than other Obanzai places that I know about, and you can see why if you ever visit. The establishment is a simple restaurant, and when you are seated you choose how many of the available food options you would like to choose and if you are going to be drinking. The food is all behind a glass counter and is labelled with numbers. The options are already in small portions so you choose what you want and go sit back down to eat. The food is actually decent, and you do get rice and soup to go with what you choose. The only reason that I have a very middling opinion of the place is that it is a very simple affair, and the service is minimal.



〒604-8151 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 蛸薬師通 烏丸西入橋弁慶町224