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  • Bella

    on Mar 24

    The Finest Sweets from Northern Japan

    Hokkaido is not only known for its powdered snow, but as well as for its food. The Northern part of Japan provides a lot of fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, and rich greeneries which is a great food source for its livestock, producing the finest dairy products in Japan. Le TAO took this advantage and created sweets that set it apart from the others. It has several stores around Hokkaido and few shops scattered around Japanese airports. Plus, you can even purchase it online! Cakes, pudding, and chocolates are (so far) its main items; however, some of it might not be available on the web. Le TAO’s branch in Otaru, Hokkaido also serves as a café, which is located at the 2nd floor of its shop. It is VERY popular with Asian tourists, hence be prepared to line up and not be disappointed if the item you want is not available anymore. RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Double Fromage Cheese Cake - It’s very creamy and light. It is not very sweet so it’s not overwhelming to finish. 2. Double Fromage Strawberry Cheese Cake - The sour flavour of the strawberry compliments the sweetness and creaminess of the cheese. 3. Royal Montagne - It’s has a soft, creamy texture and its main ingredients are cacao and Darjeeling tea. You can order it online. 4. Petit Chocolat: Caramel Hazel - Just like Royal Montagne, you can also purchase it on the web. These are hazelnuts covered with milk chocolate and caramel chocolate. This is my favourite. I highly recommend it if you like caramel or hazel flavoured chocolates.



7-16 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027

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