Merry Go Round Cafe

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥600 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • hellonihon

    on Mar 12

    Aptly named cafe

    At Moegi-no-mura, one of the main attractions is the cute merry go round in the center of the village shops. Right in front of the merry go round, in plain sight, is the Merry Go Round Cafe. It's a pretty large establishment, despite the outward appearance, so there's plenty of seating. Originally, we stopped in because we were trying to find some 100% milk soft serve that the town is supposedly famous for. However, because it was still winter, the main soft serve places weren't open. Merry Go Round Cafe was advertising milk ice cream, but it turned out not to be soft serve so we passed on it. They did have a bunch of delicious-sounding flavors. Instead, we looked at a bunch of dog-themed (and a few cat-themed) goods that they had in the front of the shop. There were lots of stickers, figures, and stationary type things. They had almost every breed you can imagine (though a good number of them were sold out) so you can find something for almost every dog lover in your life. And if you have a dog yourself, you can find its twin. If you happen to have brought your canine companion around, there is terrace seating that is dog-friendly. So, both you and your furry friend can make a day of this, enjoying treats for both of you.



3545 Takanecho Kiyosato | Moegi no Mura, Hokuto 407-0301, Yamanashi