猫カフェ Puchi Marry(ぷちまりー)仙台青葉店

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Lifestyle/Hobbies | Avg price: ¥2000 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • JTsuzuki

    on May 24

    New Cat Cafe-- Nice, for a Price

    This newest addition to the animal cafe scene in Sendai comes up in the final stretch of the main shopping arcade, between Fujisaki and Forus, on the second level of a little, well-lit building. The fancy new digs come at a price as an hour in the place can run up to 2500 yen on Saturdays, which is almost twice the cost of the owl cafe that also happens to be much closer to the station. The space inside is nice enough, boasting a couple of kotatsu tables as well as a gaming system of some kind and a projector which was streaming Ghibli movies onto one wall while we were there. A massive hammock swings from the ceiling, just next to a large lofted space at such an angle that every so often, an ambitious feline will make the leap into the hammock from far above. It does seem like the cats have a lot of fun and are well kept. In addition to the drink machine, located outside the cat area, patrons can also distribute treats to their feline friends for a little extra charge. The place is fun, but a little pricey. There are cat toys provided, which is nice, but I found the drink selection to be fairly lame.



〒980-0811 Miyagi Prefecture, 仙台市青葉区 一番町3丁目11−11 2階