Ajisaiyama Park

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  • Saitama

    on Jun 23

    A mountain hydrangea park with no hydrangea!

    The story of Ajisaiyama Park in Ogose is quite a sad one. Like several attractions in Ogose actually. It is a bit of a doomed town in many ways. The Ajisaiyama Park was once a thriving tourist spot, because it had hundreds of colorful hydrangea that bloomed each June. However, around ten years ago the hydrangea got a fatal illness. The ones that didn't die from the flower plague, were destroyed by the town in a bid to stop the sickness spreading to the hydrangea in the area. They have actually started regrowing the hydrangea in recent years. However, they are still very much in their infancy and don't seem to be doing too well. As the park attracts few visitors in hydrangea season these days and even fewer out of season, it has made for a good outdoor location during the coronavirus! There is a toilet in the park and a water drinking fountain, other than that just a view of the valley. The car park is really far away too, but it is along the picturesque hydrangea road, that was thankfully saved from the flower plague.



528 Mugihara, Ogose, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0421