Bios Hill

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 20

    Bios Hill nature & adventure park

    Moste people assosiete Okinawa with beautiful sandbeaches, but there are also very great nature parks around the whole island. The Bios Hill nature park close to the Maeda Cape (which is very popular for diving) and the Ryukyu Village. The best way to go there is by car. It is also possible to use a highway bus from Naha to Nakayama and then by Taxi, but it is kind of complicated and expensive. Bios hill has many attractions like a boatride through the jungle, a ride on an ox or the huge adventure park for children and adults. The park is also full of tropical plants. Above all, orchids could be admired in every color and shape on every corner. There is also a small labyrinth, which is a little bit hiding in the jungle. Finally I recommend to go to the fish doctor. These are small fish that chew off severed dander from the feet. This is pretty funny and tickles incredibly, when quite a lot of fish nibble on your feet. After that you will have really great baby skin on your feet.



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