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  • Weellee

    on Oct 28

    What’s the fuzz, really?

    Bite me for not being able to watch Kill Bill. I’ve heard about it, of course, but never really paid attention. So I didn’t get right away why some foreign tourists put dining at Gonpachi on their list if Tokyo to-dos. Well, it is a thing to do here apparently, so why not try, right? So I did. The food: except for some, they’re tasty but not extraordinary. The beef in Gyusuji (beef muscle with ponzu sauce) was melt-in-your-mouth tender. It made me wonder why it was only an appetizer. The Kurogi Beef skewer, on the other hand, was also tender but could have been much better. I truly believe that single skewer is not worth its 1,400-yen price tag. The foie gras skewer - presented with balsamic vinegar and thin strawberry slices on top - was initially interesting, I’d have to admit. The presentation didn’t have much impact on its taste, unfortunately. So what do you pay for when dining at expensive restaurants such as Gonpachi? The ambience? Gonpachi failed even in that aspect, in my opinion. I’ve been to other restaurants that give a traditional Japanese feel but didn’t spend an arm and a leg dining at those. Plus, despite its design, the other restaurant operators had the brains to install washlets on their toilet seats. Gonpachi’s probably still lost. So yeah, Gonpachi was worth a try, just for the fuzz. But I don’t see myself coming back anytime soon.



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