Bar El Puente

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  • hellonihon

    on Mar 4

    Live music venue

    I visited Bar El Puente to see a live show not too long ago. It was one of the few concerts that I've been to in Japan, and definitely the smallest one so far. The outside is so deceiving, as all around it are office buildings and industry. You would never guess what goes on in the basement. The room itself is tiny. It was probably the same size as a Japanese 1LDK house. It wasn't very full at first, but it filled up quickly and all I could think about was what a fire hazard it was, since it was packed, smokey, and there was only one staircase leading up. (I'm not very fun at parties, as you can tell...) Everyone was really nice, especially the bartenders. At the show, most drinks were 500 yen. This particular one used a card from a standard deck as your drink ticket. Their pours were okay, nothing special. Because the room is so tiny, you can get up close to the band. The speakers are pretty loud and you'll be able to hear anywhere. It's a pretty good place to see a band that you're a fan of because of all of this. My only real complaint was that it was just a little smokey for me, but that's Japan.



〒220-0024 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Nishi Ward, Nishihiranumacho, 8−8 和幸ビルB1F