Iwasaki Honpo

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  • genkidesu

    on Nov 4

    Super delicious bao buns!

    A foodie specialty in Nagasaki are kakuni buns - steamed pork belly buns. There are a number of spots across the city that you'll find stores selling them, but Iwasaki Honpo is one of the best. They offer free samples so you can try the buns before you buy. This was probably what got us interested in the first place, so it's a smart marketing strategy. We ended up loving them so much that we made an actual dinner out of them! There's a small eating area with a few tables inside the store, so you can eat inside or take the buns away with you. As well as the buns you can enjoy then and there, they also sell them omiyage style, and the store has slips there so you can mail them back home to yourself via Takkyubin. Super delicious!



1-10-12 Ote, Nagasaki 852-8127, Nagasaki Prefecture

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Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki

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on Nov 4