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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 19

    Affordable Shoe Outlet Store

    Kurume City is home to Bridgestone Tire company and Moonstar shoe company, using the rubber produced by Bridgestone. I wanted to support local business by buying shoes from Moonstar. The outlet store is really affordable as there's a lower price than when you find their shoes in department stores. They range in styles from casual, work shoes, to grandma style sneakers. You won't generally find heels or anything formal. There's a huge selection for kids shoes too. The nice thing is the outlet has tons of other brands at great prices. For example, New Balance are sold for as low as 2000 yen a pair, but generally at around 6000 yen, which is almost half of the price at any other store. Unfortunately, they weren't selling a basic black canvas slip on at this time of year, so I ended up going with Vans instead. It's possible to order your size when it's not in stock. Attached to the building is also a cafeteria for Moonstar staff and it's open to the public at lunchtime. Similar to a university cafeteria, it looks affordable. I plan to check here for sure when I'm looking for my next pair of shoes. I wish those pink velcro New Balance were sold in my size!



5 1, 5 Shojimamachi, Kurume, Fukuoka 830-0042