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  • BlueButterfly

    on Feb 20

    Matsubaya - japanese green tea sweets

    The Matsubaya store is just in front of the entrance of the Ginkakuji temple. The store offers diffrent kind of green tea products like ice, waffle and of course green tea. But the best of their products are the very delicious cream puffs filled with green tea cream or custard cream. One cream puff costs only 300 Yen and is really very big. I shared it with a friend because of its huge size. It is really very creamy but not so sweet like many other japanese sweets. During busy days the store also gives you free tee and you can warm up and enjoy you cream puff at a small sitting corner next to the store, which is very comfortable. If you visit the Ginkakuji I really recommand to stop at that store and try out some cream puff!



40 Ginkakujichō

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