ほっともっと 経堂店

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥550 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • JapanRamen

    on Jul 14

    Convenient food

    If you have ever tried Hotto Motto, then you know that it is quick convenient food served hot, and often an easy meal on your way home. Considering the amount of choices you have around Kyodo Station, I only mostly get them when I want to save a few bucks. After all, 500 yen katsudons are always good. With that said, I never find their food to be amazing. The rice is alright, the flavouring is a bit weak for my likings, but it is also hard to complain more when the price is so affordable.

  • Nice

    on Jun 16

    Take out bento boxes

    I find Hotto Motto favorable for people who want cheap, quick and yummy Japanese food. You can easily spot them in busy streets, especially along the station where people can easily drop by and take out bento boxes on the way to work or home. I’m not a big fan of take out food, but if I don’t have enough time to make my packed lunch, I would go to Hotto Motto and order カルビ焼肉弁当. What I like about this meat dish is that the soy sauce compliments well with the sweetness from caramelized onion. It also includes a small portion of vegetable side dishes. This would cost me about 600 yen. Not bad when you are tired and just want to grab something fast and have it at your office or house.



2 Chome-4-11 Kyodo, Setagaya City, Tokyo 156-0052