Old Hananoi House 旧花野井住宅

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  • TonetoEdo

    on May 23

    A tiny samurai house with some secrets

    The old Hanaoi Samurai Residence was gifted to the city of Noda in the early 1970s. It’s tiny, and sits on a plot of land just south of Shimizu Park. You could easily overlook this 17th century thatched roof house. But it has some secrets. One of the surprising things is that it was occupied until just before it was moved to this location. The occupants depended on gas light. The gate in front of the house is attributed to Hidari Jingo, the carver who is famed for the sleeping cat carving at Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Admission is free and it’s open from Wednesday to Sunday.



〒278-0043 Chiba, Noda, Shimizu, 902