Otaki Castle

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Apr 17

    Otaki Castle

    Otaki castle is a 15 minutes walk away from Otaki station in Chiba. The castle was build in the 17 centuary and was later restored and remodeled as a museum. There are several exhibition each year about the life at the castle and culture properties of Japan. You will find a very nice selection of very unique style armors and swords, but also many daily products like the tableware by the lord. Craftmen article and also the tools they used from the nearby town are also displayed at the museum. The craft of painted seashells impressed me the most. From the top floor of the castle, you can see Otaki city and the surronding nature. Since the castle is standing on a small mountain it is really a fantastic view. The castle also belongs to one of the top 100 castles in Japan.



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