Mt Asama Magma Stone Park (Oni Oshidashi Park)

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 25

    The locals call it devil made art

    Mt Asama Magma Stone Park is one of those attractions that people rarely use the English and refer to it by its Japanese name: Oni Oshi Dashi. Oni Oshi dashi is a quite literal name, and a play on words, for this naturally formed attraction. Oni means devil, oshi means push and dashi means out, but oshidashi also means extrusion, as in an igneous extrusive rock. Which is what these rocks in Tsumagoi are. They were formed by lava when Mt Asama erupted over 200 years ago, but locals thought the formation looked like the devil had pushed out the rocks. Some people now refer to them as a naturally formed work of art. The backstory is interesting and indeed the rocks are unusual, but I don't think it is quite captivating enough for the entrance cost they charge: 650 yen per adult. There is a temple among the rocks and some other shrines, but unless you are particularly interested in magma rocks it might be one to skip. The attraction is on the Romantic Road toll road on the way to Toy's Kingdom from Karuizawa. Parking is free.



〒377-1593 Gunma Prefecture, Agatsuma District, Tsumagoi, Kanbara, 1053

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