Grand Buffet LaLaport Koshien

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  • hellonihon

    on Jun 12

    Hit all your cravings at this buffet

    Grand Buffet is a chain of buffet restaurants usually located in malls or shopping plazas. They serve a variety of foods at a reasonable rate (under 2,000 yen for 90 minutes). Depending on the location, they will serve Japanese, American, and Italian foods, among other things. There is also a dessert section. An optional drink bar can be purchased for an additional 300 yen. The LaLaport Koshien location of Grand Buffet includes a spacious seating area and a good selection of foods. The stations are all organized neatly by what kind of food they serve. Everything here is clean and the food is regularly refilled. The staff are very kind and patient when it comes to explaining everything for you. It works much like any other buffet in Japan. You don't need to order off the menu, and you can just grab your plate and load up on as much as you like. You should get a new plate each time, and your old plates will be cleared every once in a while. Be sure to finish everything that's on your plate, as they won't take it if there is still food on it! While the food is not of spectacular quality, it is well worth the price. Just for the fact that you can get unlimited pizza (mediocre quality, but it does the trick in a pinch) and french fries makes it worthwhile in my book. Plus, with the generous time frame, you won't leave this place hungry! Honestly, I always go too hard and run out of steam at the 20 minute mark.



〒663-8178 Hyōgo Prefecture, Nishinomiya, Koshien Hachibancho, 1−100

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