Joyful Honda Koga

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  • edthethe

    on Aug 16

    Home Improvement store

    Maybe I am spoiled from the other Joyful Hondas in Chiyoda machi and Ota in Gunma, but this one is disappointing. The makeup is confusing with different departments in different buildings. There also seemed like fewer options for items. It was closer to a Cainz home because it only had the home improvement shops instead of also having other shopping or play areas like in Gunma. The wood section had a large variety if you are into woodworking. The garden center staff was also nice but it was very small. Everything seemed to have less options than what we are used to. This is not the Joyful to come to when you are wanting to blow off a weekend. It is just ok.



347 Nishiushigaya, Koga-shi, Ibaraki-ken 306-0233