Tsutsujigaoka Park

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  • edthethe

    on Jun 9

    Park famous for azalea flowers and koinobori

    http://www.city.tatebayashi.gunma.jp/tsutsuji/english.html The park is a nice 25 minute walk to the east of tatebayashi station. It is nice and spacious with areas of open fields as well as playground equipment surrounding a small lake fed by a stream. During the months of March and April, leading up until May 3rd's Children's Day, you can see streamers of carp fish along the water. Golden Week also brings crowds of people for the azaleas that begin blooming in beginning of May. To get into the azalea festival however there is a fee. 620 yen. But every other part of the park is free as well as the azelea park outside of azalea season. There are also many other flowers that bloom during different times of the year. It is an excellent place for hanami. The staff are very nice and enthusiastic about English speakers. Near the entrance to the azalea park, there is a very nice cafe. There are also some places that sell soft serve and roasted fish. The typical Japanese sightseeing omiyage shops.



〒374-0005 Gunma Prefecture, 館林市花山町Hanayamacho, 3278

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