Mikasa Park

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  • TonetoEdo

    on May 21

    World’s only surviving pre-dreadnaught battleship

    Mikasa, a battleship built in 1899 in a British shipyard, is the only surviving example of a pre-dreadnaught class battleship. This battleship was the head of the Japanese Navy and under Admiral Togo, the ship played a decisive role in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. The Mikasa survived despite a munitions explosion which sank it. The ship was recovered and restored to service until 1923 when it was decommissioned. At that time, a treaty required its destruction, but it was agreed to display it as a memorial ship at Yokosuka Port. Neglected after World War II, Mikasa was in poor shape, but the Japanese public with the cooperation of the US Navy restored in the 1960s. For naval history buffs, ship fans, and sailors, the Mikasa is a must see. The decks have historical displays and recreations of gun operation.

  • BlueButterfly

    on May 20

    Mikasa Park and Memorial ship

    If you are planing to visit Sarushima island, you will probably make a stop at the Mikasa Park, which is just next to the small ferry port for Sarushima. The park has a small playground for kids and a very nice Water fountain, which will be light up around six times per day. You will also have a nice view over the port and ocean from the park, but the most impressive part is the huge memorial ship Mikasa. The ship is an old american warship, which can be visit from the inside. The ship is very huge and you can spent at least one hour to explore all the areas of the ship. Take a look in the old bedrooms/bathroom or upper deck. Especially for kids it is really a great experience to walk around and feel the old atmosphere of the warship. Also at the park is a huge old train locomotive, which unfortunately can only be visit from the outside, but it is really outstanding.



82-14, Inaoka-cho