Machida Squirrel Garden

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  • Eli

    on Jul 10

    So many squirrels.

    In Machida (町田) there is a small zoo, where you can also enter a large enclosure with squirrels and feed them. The best way to get to the park from Machida station is by bus. The bus stop is located near the northern exit of Odakyu station. Take the Machi 55 bus and get off at Yakushi-ike station (薬師池). From the bus stop you can already see the entrance of the park. The park is open from 10-16 o'clock. From April to September it is open until 17:00 on Sundays and public holidays. Tuesdays are closed. A ticket costs 400 yen for adults and 200 yen for children. The park isn't very big. There are two areas, an area where different animals are kept in cages and the large outdoor enclosure for the squirrels. In the outdoor enclosure, 200 squirrels are held. For protection, you should wear gloves, which you can borrow for free in the middle of the enclosure. In addition, the squirrels may only be fed with food that is sold there. No other food is allowed. For 100 yen you can buy a small bag of sunflower seeds and try your luck. If you do it right, the squirrels will even eat right out of your hand. However, you should come early because the squirrels are full about 30 minutes after the park opens and after that, you will have a hard time finding a hungry squirrel. As the park is quite small about 2 hours should be enough to see everything and to have enough time for feeding the squirrels. On your way home you can also check the Yakushi-Ike park that is across the street from the squirrel garden. Admission is free and you can get some nice views.



733-1 Kanaimachi, Machida, Tokyo 195-0071, Japan