Ginza Bakuro Ichidai

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Mar 11

    Ginza Bakuro Ichidai

    After visiting Takayama a few years ago, I´ve never forgot the great taste of Hida beef, which is the most popular dish in the region. Unfortunately I don´t have the time and money to go to Takayama every other week. That´s why I was very happy to find the Ginza Bakuro Ichidai Restaurant in the heart of Ginza. Ginza is usually popular for it´s pricy and good quality restaurants, but especially during lunch time you can find many great deals. Same goes for the Ginza Bakuro Ichidai restaurant. We enjoyed their lunch menu, where you can choose between diffrent grades of hida beef. You will also get some side dishes like vegetales, a great tofu dish and also some vegetables for grilling. Unfortunately you have to grill the meat yourself, which can be very tought if you don´t watch out.The taste of all the dishes, especially the meat is amazing and you will melt away. Since the restaurant is very popular it is recommended to make a reservation in advance or you have to go there very early.



Ginza, 2 Chome−6−5