Tokyo Sky Tree

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jul 31

    Breathtaking views, world class displays

    You want to impress your visitors? Check the weather report, and take them to Tokyo Sky Tree. I brought a guest from abroad to Tokyo Sky Tree on a winter evening. We splurged on the combo ticket at Y3100 but felt we got good value. We were amazed watching fireworks displays at Disneyland, the sun setting, and Fujisan looming above the city. We interacted with the display screens that showed us details by zooming in to the local areas we had visited, and places we wanted to go. Not only did we enjoy the spectacular view, but we also got a sense of the city's history and geography.

  • genkidesu

    on Apr 27

    Views for days - even at the lower observation deck

    One of those "must do's" when visitors are in town is checking out Tokyo Skytree - it tends to be up there at the top (if you pardon the pun) of many people's to do lists when they come here. There are two viewing decks - the Tembo Deck at 350m and the Tembo Galleria at 450m. There is an additional charge of 1030 yen to go to the higher Tembo Galleria, but personally if you ask me the views are more than adequate from the lower level. Depending on the day the crowds can be pretty astronomical since it is a popular tourist spot - so I would advise the earlier in the day you can make it, the better. There are shops surrounding the entrance as well if you need a bit of retail therapy with your views.

  • JapanRamen

    on Apr 27

    634, the Musashi.

    Musashi, or 634m, is how tall the Skytree is. The Tree towers over Tokyo, and this latest landmark is a must see if you want to see a stunning view of the Tokyo landscape from all angles. The view is stunning in both day and night time, and personally, I think catching the sunset would be the best. The huge mall, Soramachi, at the bottom of the Skytree also has a ton to offer. It has most of the major stores you can think of, offering a lovely selection of souvenirs. However, because of how new and popular this place is, products sold there are slightly more expensive and other districts, and don't expect to find the same bargains at shops as the ones you might find in Odaiba outlets. Nevertheless, this is THE landmark to visit to witness Tokyo from up high.

  • Striffy

    on Mar 11

    Up, up ,up!

    I went up the sky tree shortly after it was opened so it was quite crowded, I'm not sure the high price is justified but I enjoyed it non-the-less. The shopping mall at the bottom of it has a lot of . There are traditional shops as well as an aquarium, a Ghibli shop, an POkemon Center and many more. If you don't enjoy being at high places you definitely can still enjoy a day there.

  • ExploringJapan

    on Jun 12

    Great view

    Me and my friend been to tokyo sky tree last year. They said it is taller than the tokyo tower. Never been there yet. For a start you have to purchase your first ticket to be able to go to the first stop. The elevator is really cool as you can see how fast its going up. I just forgot how high the first stop is. Getting off the first stop will provide you a beautiful view. You can walk around the tower looking at the scenery outside. After the first stop and you feel like you wanted to go a little higher you just have to purchase another ticket for the next stop and you can purchase it on the first stop counter. And after that, you just have to use the huge elevator going up. The second stop was breathtaking. It was really beautiful and you can also choose to take pictures on your own or you can also try their photobooths.

  • DaveJpn

    on May 23

    Not been to the top but there's plenty of stuff going on at the bottom

    I'm not sure that you'll ever get me to the top of Tokyo Skytree (and it's not because of the 2,000 yen + price). Anyway, there is plenty going on around the base of the tower to keep people who don't like heights occupied and entertained. Basically we're talking about Tokyo Solamachi which is essentially a large shopping center. Where it might differ from others is that it has some nice terrace areas where you can get (less spectacular) views of the surrounding area as you chill out after all the shopping. Actually, the shops here aren't that great (for me) but the lay out of the place is quite entertaining. On one of the floors there is a 'world beer' restaurant (World Beer Museum) which has a nice terrace area where, if you're sat in the right spot, you can stare up at Skytree. If the heights of Skytree might be too high for you, maybe you can go up to the 30/31 floors of the Solamachi annex(?) building where the restaurants are. Each of these floors has a small seating area surrounding by windows from where you can get some really good views of the surrounding area. It's free to come here. Solamachi hosts quite a few events throughout the year. I've been to the Christmas Market here, which was nice (if a bit crowded) and had plenty of illuminations. Solamachi also has a some kind of Ghibli store, I think the name is Donguir Kyowakoku which stocks bits and bobs from anime features produced by Studio Ghibli.

  • Macky

    on Jul 26

    Highest spot in Tokyo

    Taking the place of Tokyo Tower as the new spot in town, Tokyo SkyTree. 634 m tall, there is a viewing deck at 350 m where you can enjoy views over Tokyo, and another deck at 450 m. To get to the deck at 350 m, there is a high-speed elevator that gets you there in 50 seconds. The way Tokyo spreads out below you from this point is amazing. It’s a great spot, both day and night. There are restaurants and bars around on the first floor, making this a nice date spot.



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