Tai-Parfait Chofu

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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jul 11

    Tai-Parfait - Fish-shaped sweets and more

    Tai-Parfait has three shops in Japan, one located in each prefecture of Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. In Tokyo you can find it close to Keio Chofu station at the first floor of the Trie C building. There is no seating area close to the shop, but if the weather is nice you can sit outside at the terrace. They offer normal Taiyaki, but also Taiyaki parfait with different versions. I tried the strawberries choco whipped cream one and it was pretty nice. Inside it was filled with custard cream. Next to Taiyaki they also sell soft cream, frozen yogurt and some matcha drinks. The shop is small, but there were not so many people lining up when I went there on a weekday afternoon. Website: http://tai-parfait.com



東京都調布市小島町2-61-1 トリエ京王調布C館1F