Keisei Rose Garden

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Jun 22

    Keisei Rose Garden

    The garden offers a huge selection of roses from all over the world, especially many are from the UK and Germany. Unfortunately I was there a little late and a large part of the roses had already faded, but it was nice to walk along rose bushes and admire different kinds if roses. Usually they are always blooming in June and again in autumn. There is also a small pond behind the rose garden, where you can enjoy iris flowers and many different types of hydrangeas. Especially the huge white puffy hydrangeas were an eye-catcher. Also the purple hydrangeas were quite unique. The Keisei rose garden offers something special for all fans of the still very popular anime "The roses of Versailles". You can meet the main characters of the Anime as life-size displays directly on a gallery with a perfect view over the rose garden. Smaller plaques were dedicated to the other characters. Also the rose garden shop is selling some merchandise. The garden is really nice for a walk, especially during the blooming time of the roses.



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