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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1500 | English Available: None (Unknown)



  • ReishiiTravels

    on Mar 17

    Delicious Cheesecake!

    I chose this cafe because of all of the pictures of the cheesecake that I saw on Instagram. I love cheesecake, but sometimes the options in Japan disappoint me, however, the cheesecake at this cafe was delicious. Aside from the amazing dessert, they had a pretty good lunch offering too! I wouldn't just go for the regular food though, it is a bit pricey. Shoot for the tea time to save money while still enjoying the cake! I was a little disappointed in the decor of the cafe. It seems that the interior is based off of a industrial theme, but it just seemed very plain.



〒464-0802 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Chikusa Ward, Hoshigaoka Motomachi, 16−50 星が丘テラス EAST3F