Kamakura Pasta

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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 21

    All you can eat bread!!!

    My favorite thing about the Kamakura Pasta chain is the free bread buffet. Mounds of freshly baked bread, free for the taking! What more could you ask for in a pasta restaurant? Not to mention that the pasta and bread combo is really cheap for what you're getting. My go-to is the carbonara (minus bacon, which is why it looks a bit sad). The egg yolk is fresh on top and ready to be mixed with the hot noodles to form a creamy sauce. The sauce is pretty standard, but the noodles are the standout. They taste homemade (not rehydrated from dried pasta) and are springy and chewy, very similar to a good soba. I really want their recipe... This location is in Aeon Mall, so it can get crowded at times. Luckily, we missed the crowds and it was pretty empty. There are lots of seats and a few Japanese style seats on tatami that requires shoe removal. The only downside to going at an unpopular time is that there is less bread put out. The workers ring a bell to signal when new bread is available, and that bell only rang a few times. If it wasn't for that, I would've given it 5 stars. Oh well... I still got my garlic bread and that's all that matters!

  • tifuani

    on Feb 26

    Kamakura Pasta

    I have been craving uni pasta for over a year, and little did I know a chain restaurant called Kamakura Pasta has been in vicinity at an Aeon mall nearby. I'm not a fan of buffet places, however, there are many all-you-can eat places in Japan. This place particularly has all you can eat bread (and or drink bar). I had the cream pasta with uni and ikura, priced at ¥1390. This was not bad, since uni pasta back home in the states would cost close to USD $20. My friend got the carbonara (requested without bacon). When my pasta arrived, I counted a handful of ikura (maybe only 5). Looking at the menu's pictures, I was hoping the pasta would be drenched in uni and cream, but was a little disappointed. Nonetheless the pasta was good. What really amazed me was their tabehoudai bread! For ¥330 more, you can add on this all-you-can-eat bread set. There were maybe 6-7 different types of breads you can choose from. Sadly, after the first round, they did not restock all of the breads, only a select few, which was fine for me because their garlic bread was the best! I probably didn't get my monies worth since I only ate 3 total. However, both my friends had 8 and 9 pieces of bread! They surely ate my share. At the end of our meal, we were given coupons for 10% off and ¥100 off. I will probably visit again, since it is conveniently located in the mall.



Japan, 〒409-3852 Yamanashi-ken, Nakakoma-gun, Shōwa-chō, Ikkui, 1505-1 イオンモール甲府昭和店内